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The Costs

Comparing Costs: What To Do Next?

When comparing the costs of various care options available to you, be aware that 24 hour care in your loved one's own home is very expensive.  Hourly Rates can be $20.00 per hour or more.  Round the clock care for your loved one can easily approach $175,000 a year with this model.

Traditional dormitory style Assisted Living prices start around $3500 for basic services. Memory Care units typically charge from $5000 to over $13,000 monthly in Cincinnati. And many facilities routinely raise rates as your loved one's health declines or require you to hire additional care providers at your own expense as a condition of remaining at their facility.  Most facilities also charge up front move in fees that average over $1500.00

Compare and Contrast this to Angels Care Family Home's ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING MODEL. 

Angels Care guarantees the rate you are quoted is all inclusiveWe do not asses extra fees or charge for any A La Carte services.  We do not charge move in fee's or other up front fees of any kind.  

Our GUARANTEED RATE PROGRAM gives families comfort and cost stability in knowing the rate they pay will never change for the duration of your loved one's stay at Angels Care.


At Angels Care, Residents receive round the clock care and supervision, three home cooked meals a day along with unlimited snacks and beverages, on site Doctor and Podiatry visits, cable and phone access, laundry services and daily activities all in a beautiful new home located in a Neighborhood Setting with modern amenities and design for an all inclusive price.  

Call Stacey or Lisa for current pricing at the community of your choice.  513-544-2485 or 513-659-3463

The choice is clear: Angels Care Family home provides the intimacy and high levels of care that your loved one needs and deserves, at a price that is stable and consistent. 

Additional Care Services

Additional care services that may be necessary for your loved one such as Home HealthcareHospice Services, Rehab ServicesSpeech Therapy or Physical Therapy will be coordinated at the direction of the guests primary care physician and/or family directive. The cost of these services are the sole responsibility of the guest or family and not included in the services outlined in the Angels Care Family Home Resident Agreement. Medicaire will typically cover these costs which are billed by the provider.  Angels Care may assist the family in selecting a provider if needed at no additional charge. 

At this time we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. We will work with other funding sources such as Long Term Care Insurance, VA Benefits such as Aid and Attendance or Disability Insurance.  All Guests are Private Pay and are billed monthly.