Changes for Veterans Benefits

Posted on: October 30, 2018

Beginning in 2019, new rules for receiving Veteran's Aid and Attendance pension benefits are now in place.  

Angels Care can help you with resources to help navigate this process with a variety of support depending on your families specific circumstance.  

Some important things to know.

1. It can take 6-12 months for benefits to be approved.  Using an experienced specialist such as a veterans pension planner is highly recommended to expedite this process.  

2. Asset limits now include an income test.  Assets must be $123,600 or less when coupled with income from other sources such as pensions. A new look back rule went into effect 10/18/18 that contemplates all assets prior to this date much in the same fashion that Medicaid does with the exception that the VA look back is 3 years while the Medicaid look back is 5 years.

3. The VA benefit is generally larger and more desirable for Assisted Living and other in home benefits.

4. Medicaid is generally more desirable for nursing home care such as skilled nursing.

5. You cannot receive both Medicaid and the VA benefit however 1 spouse could receive the VA Benefit and the other could receive Medicaid.

6. Benefits can be awarded retroactively for up to a year for the Aid and Attendance benefit.

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