Tips for Memory Care Search

Posted on: November 13, 2018

As the Holidays fast approach us all, many families will find themselves assessing the health of a parent or other family member as they gather to celebrate Thanksgiving.

This is a common family dynamic and one that we know all too well. Siblings who may not live in town are often caught off guard by their parents health changes from year to year.  

If you find yourself part of one of these discussions, here are a few tips to help you and your siblings wade thru the vast choices for Assisted Living and Memory Care.

1. Do you have a handle of the assets of your parents? How will there care be paid for?  Do they have a long term care policy and if so, how do you access those funds?   Who is the Financial POA?  Do they have a living will?  Did they serve in the Military and if so, are you aware of the Aid and Attendance pension to help offset care related expenses.  See our October 2018 blog post for more info on this program.

These are all questions you'll want to know the answers to and related to finances, you will likely need this information in order to have discussions with not only your siblings but also the facilities that you may be considering.  

2. How close is the facility to where the majority of the family lives and works?  Experience tells us that most families prefer close proximity to where they live.

3. Does the facility charge an up front move in fee or facility fee as a condition of entry?  Most do and be aware these charges can be significant.

4. Does the facility charge for various levels of care-meaning, will your rates go up as your loved one needs more personalized care.  This is the norm in greater Cincinnati. 

5. Can the facility take your loved one to end of life without moving them?  This is important when considering Assisted Living options as some facilities simply don't work with Memory Care or other conditions that may come up down the road and you would need to be prepared to move your parent in the event that they are no longer appropriate for that setting.  

6. Does the facility have fixed or flexible meal times?  Will they help feed the resident on days when they can't manage for themselves?  Will they bring food to their room?  Do they charge extra for these services?   Be prepared to pay for these ala carte services in most settings.

7. What happens if my parents run out of money-what do we do then?  Angels Care has an innovative program called Assurance Plus designed to help those families who have a concern of their parent outliving their savings.  

Angels Care Family Home has pioneered the small house concept for Memory Care and Assisted Living in greater Cincinnati.  Our flat fee model guarantees the rates you pay today will never change, for the duration of your parents time at Angels Care.  We don't charge ala carte fees for extra services such as hair cuts or in room meal delivery.

With Locations in Milford, Loveland, Newtown and Anderson Township, we are close to many of Cincinnati's busiest suburbs.  

To learn more about our care capabilities and fee structure including our Assurance Plus Program, contact us at or email us at