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How Angel's Care Is DIfferent

Angel's Care Family Homes - Assisted Living

Angel's Care Family Home provides significant differences related to the design, layout and staffing at larger dormitory style facilities. These larger facilities provide some services not available at Angels Care but their staffing models are often run much leaner, leading to dissastifaction among residents and their families looking for more attentive care models. Angels Care is a residential care facility licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Mental Health which serves residents who need assistance with one or more of the activities of daily living. The intimate residential setting of an Angels Care home simply cannot be matched in dormitory-style facilities.

Angel's Care Family Homes is similar to that of the Green House Project model that has revolutionized senior care in many parts of the country. There are so many benefits to this smaller residential styled setting and approach.

Smaller is Safer

It is clear the smaller, more controlled environment of Angel's Care and other residential living homes that follow the Green House Project model around the country, which traditionally serve significantly fewer residents, with smaller staffs are better suited to minimize infection risks for both residents and facility staff.  The numbers prove this. A May 2020 study, 4 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, shows only 4 people tested positive for COVID-19 infections and no deaths among the 266 Green House Project homes surveyed representing over 2,600 residents in this study.    

Contrast this to larger facilities, which have unique challenges related to infection control measures due to their sheer size.  Large numbers of staff and outside vendors enter these facilities on a daily basis and pose a continual problem for larger facilities. Research has shown that smaller providers like Angels Care Family Home are better equipped to effectively manage infection control measures and are able to keep residents safe and secure in these uncertain times. 

We offer more details on Smaller is Safer here.

Senior Housing News featured a story to support the claim that smaller is better. Read 'Smaller is Better': COVID-19 Primes Senior Living for Rise of Small-House Models.

High Staff to Resident Ratio's

The Staff to Resident Ratio at Angel's Care is unparalleled when compared to traditional dormitory-style facilities.  A ratio of 1 staff member for every 3.5 to 5 Residents is truly the benchmark for the industry. We truly offer personalized care 24 hours per day.

Family-Style Residential Homes

The Angels Care Family Home Loveland campus has three homes which are limited to 6-9 Residents per home. These homes are 4200 sq ft and provide both private and community shared spaces.     

The Angels Care Family Home Newtown-Anderson Township campus has two 10 bedroom ranch style homes each with a capacity that is limited to 12 Residents per home of roughly 7200 sq ft with dual dining areas and dual great rooms     

At Angels Care Family Home, your loved ones receive the care and attention they need and deserve, in a family-style setting that is designed for their optimum safety, comfort, and well-being.