Why Choose Us

Our Care Structure

Our care structure gives our staff the unique ability to interact with each Resident throughout the day and the ability to cater to the unique needs of each resident in a caring, compassionate and attentive manner......just as you would do in your own home.

We develop individual Care Plans for each Resident working with both Physicians and Family members.

We continually engauge our Resident's in a variety of activities designed to provide ongoing stimulation, purpose and interaction. It may be a game, a puzzle, a movie, bowling, chair yoga or chair volleyball. We find the power of music very stimulating for many Residents and we take time each day to do some type of music themed activity in our homes.   
We take great pride in providing a personalized level of care to each Resident while working closely with the Families. Our staff receives specialized Memory Care training. Regardless of the level of care a Resident requires, all of our staff is capable and trained to assist our Residents with whatever individualized assistance their condition requires.  The attention given to each resident is paramount in the Angels Care Family Home setting. Because of the intimate design and residential setting of our homes, Residents feel like part of a family and community. They thrive and look forward to each day.