Why Choose Us

Our Residents

Residents are free to come and go as they please when accompanied with a staff or family members. Families and Friends are always welcome to join us for a meal, a social visit or a planned activity. Dietary considerations and preferences are taken into account for our Residents as directed by their primary care physician, family, dietitian or individual preference. Residents are encouraged to take an active role in their new home.

Our Director of Operations is a licensed nurse with 20 years experience in a Memory Care setting. She is responsible for monitoring each resident along with all health related oversight and care coordination.  Staff coordinate daily activities to include Board Games, Puzzles, various Memory Exercises, Current Events, visits from Philanthropic and Volunteer organizations, Pet therapy, Yoga, Menus and other activities. We strive to provide spiritual interaction with area ministries as well.

Geriatric Physician, Dr. Chandu Budev, makes an initial health assessment as well as monthly visits to our homes to monitor and check on the health status of each Resident.  Families also have the option of continuing with their primary care physician in lieu of utilizing Dr. Budev.

Healthcare needs are continually monitored. Daily exercise is encouraged and periodic status updates are communicated to family members.  Urgent status updates are made immediately by our staff regardless of the time, day or night.